Life question: why do cats have krypton golden cat eyes?
Life question: why do cats have krypton golden cat eyes?
Why do cats have such a "shining" moment?

cats are particularly adorable, but sometimes it can be frightening to look at their sparkling eyes. For example, it goes like this:

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how do cats develop such shiny "krypton golden cat eyes"? The answer lies in a reflective structure of their fundus, the photographic film (Tapetum lucidum). The illumination membrane is located in the middle layer of the choroid of the eyeball and consists of many closely arranged cells. this thin film structure reflects light and can enhance the intensity of light received by the retina of the eye through phase-length interference. this can help cats improve their night vision.

the following is a schematic diagram of the light reflected by the film:

with such a reflection structure, the cat's eyes sometimes shine in the reflected light.

besides cats, many other animals also have photographic membranes. In winter and summer, the reindeer's photo film even makes the fundus show different colors:

(winter on the left and summer on the right)

PS: people's fundus is like this, and the red retinal capillary network is also the reason for "red eyes" in photos:

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