Life question: what is the taste of "metal"?
Life question: what is the taste of "metal"?
Metallic? Why does metal smell?

sometimes, when you smell coins or other metal utensils, you will feel a strange "metal smell". Many people will describe the smell of blood as metal. Not only that, but if you unfortunately bite your tongue, people will also feel that the blood tastes like "metal". What's going on with these metal smells?

first of all, pure metal itself is odorless. The structure of metals determines that they do not evaporate easily into gases, so they do not become part of the odor molecules. So, what exactly is the smell of metal we smell? In fact, they are still small molecules of organic matter.

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some people have specially studied the smell of iron products, and it is found that after human skin comes into contact with iron products, the interaction between lipids and iron on the skin can produce a small amount of small molecular carbonyl compounds. among them, 1-octene-3-one makes a great contribution to the taste, which smells like "metal". In other words, the metal smell that we smell more often comes from ourselves. The taste of metal tasted by the blood in the mouth is also said to have something to do with the iron in the blood.

in addition, another metal smell is produced by impurities in the metal, such as small organophosphorus molecules formed by phosphorus and carbon impurities in iron and steel products, which smell a bit like garlic.

as for the smell of blood, it is a little different from the metallic smell mentioned above. Previous studies have specifically analyzed the odor components in the blood, and it has been found that the key to the "blood smell" lies in a substance called trans-4Magneto 5-epoxyl-2-decenal (trans-4,5-epoxy- (E)-2-decenal), which is reminiscent of blood predators who are also sensitive to the smell. The researchers succeeded in attracting the attention of these animals with wood soaked in the compound:

(is it really good to deceive other people's feelings?)

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