Life question: if you drink too much, why do you urinate too much?
Life question: if you drink too much, why do you urinate too much?
How does wine "walk the kidney"?

at this time of year, there are more and more parties. Drinking is no good, but people are always willing to have a few drinks when they get together. After a few glasses of wine, the frequency of running to the toilet has also increased. Why do you urinate too much when you drink too much?

the first thing that comes to mind is probably the water that you drink with the wine, especially for a relatively low alcohol such as beer, which is filled with water one by one, so can you not go to the toilet? But it's not that simple. The diuretic effect of drinking alcohol is more significant than drinking water, because alcohol itself can play a diuretic role. Some studies have suggested that an average of every gram of alcohol intake can increase urine excretion by about 10 milliliters.

the principle of alcohol and drinking a lot of water "walking the kidney" is related to antidiuretic hormone, which acts to increase the reabsorption of water by the kidneys and concentrate urine. A large amount of water entering the body will reduce the plasma osmotic pressure, which is detected by the osmotic receptors, which will lead to a decrease in the secretion of antidiuretic hormone and an increase in urination. Although the alcohol drunk is not enough to have a significant effect on the osmotic pressure, it will directly inhibit the secretion of diuretic hormones, so that the urine will be as eloquent as the Yangtze River.

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the diuretic effect of alcohol makes people more prone to thirst and dehydration. It is believed that dehydration is also a cause of hangover symptoms. From this point of view, it is better to get some water when you are drunk, but it would be better not to drink so much in the first place.

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finally, from a health point of view, we should solemnly advise everyone to avoid drinking too much alcohol. The limit recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Association for adults to drink moderate alcohol is that adult men drink no more than 25g of alcohol a day, which is equivalent to beer 750ml, or wine 250ml, or 75g of 38-degree liquor. Adult women drink no more than 15 grams of alcohol a day, which is equivalent to beer 450ml, or wine 150ml, or 50 grams of 38-degree liquor. This may sound boring, but it's still very important.