Life question: how on earth is the sponge called "magic eraser" decontaminated?
Life question: how on earth is the sponge called "magic eraser" decontaminated?
As a lazy person, I quite like this thing.

I happened to be writing a manuscript on melamine sponge recently, so I checked it a little bit. It feels like a very interesting little knowledge, and the answer may be a little simpler than people think. I'd like to talk a little bit about it here.

what we're talking about here is a white cleaning sponge. What it's called in the market probably depends on which brand you buy. Magic eraser, scrub, and so on. For lazy people like me, this is a very practical thing. For example, you can get rid of the tea dirt that has accumulated over the years by simply rubbing it with a little water. ), it can also save the stove that is too dirty. At the same time, when you use this kind of thing, you will also feel that it is not the same as an ordinary dishwashing sponge. For example, it is not so soft when pinched, and it is also quite tough. It can be easily pulled into small pieces, and it will wear like an eraser.

so, how exactly does it work?

first of all, let's find out what this sponge is. Its general name should actually be called melamine sponge. "melamine" refers to melamine resin, which is the product of the polymerization of melamine and formaldehyde molecules (two names that sound bad. But this polymer is non-toxic.

the material and structure of melamine sponge are the key to its cleaning function. It actually uses a rather hard polymer that forms a slender three-dimensional reticular structure ("open-cell foam" to be exact). As a result, there are many small protruding structures on the section of the melamine sponge, and these structures are quite hard. When you use these sponges to wipe the surface of an object, these protrusions actually serve as a polish-like fine sandpaper (almost all articles use this metaphor, so it's really appropriate).

(schematic diagram of the internal structure of melamine sponges)

the decontamination method of polishing also explains why the use of melamine sponges does not require detergent. It also determines that melamine sponges are not suitable for cleaning surfaces that are prone to scratches.

in addition, there is another interesting thing about melamine sponges: this sponge is not used for cleaning in the first place. Melamine sponges are actually used as sound absorption and thermal insulation materials. Another advantage of this kind of thing used as a building material is that it has its own fireproof properties. when heated, it will produce nitrogen, so it is not easy to burn.

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