Life question: blue and purple, why does the bruise change color?
Life question: blue and purple, why does the bruise change color?
Did you get a black spot? It can also turn golden.

(personally, I think this yellow is quite good-looking …... )

bruising is the result of subcutaneous capillary rupture and bleeding, and the color change of blue and purple actually reflects the metabolic process of heme.

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when it first started to form, the color of the bruise was closer to the red hue, and what we saw at this time was the color from heme. Over time, macrophages come to clean up the red blood cells that run into the tissue. Red blood cells are swallowed by macrophages and heme is gradually metabolized, resulting in a change in color.

under the action of microsomal enzymes, heme is gradually metabolized to form biliverdin, bilirubin and hemosiderin, which constitute the variable color of bruising. The final yellow (or brown yellow) is the color of hemosiderin.

A schematic diagram:

hemosiderin deposition can also occur in some diseases.

when it comes to the change of heme color, the green of corpse corruption is also related to this. Details poke → late-night bean knowledge: how does a rotten corpse turn green? (there are no heavy taste pictures, please feel free to watch)