Let nature tell you what "colorful black" is.
Let nature tell you what "colorful black" is.
The extreme color needs the extreme black to set off.

"colorful Black" is a headache for designer friends. Of course, black itself can't be colorful, but in nature, extreme black and extreme color can go hand in hand, and there has been another such example recently.

A paper this week analyzed the black parts of the bright patterns of male peacock jumping spiders (such as the species pictured below). It was found that what was hidden in the brilliant colors was very deep black, and the light reflectivity of the black part of the pattern of the two jumping spiders was less than 0.5%, which was much lower than that of ordinary black spiders as a control group (4.61%).

(male of Peacock jumping spider Maratus speciosus. Image source: J Ü RGEN C. OTTO)

scanning electron microscope images show that such a low light reflectivity is due to the special microstructure of the two peacock jumping spiders in the black area, while the black spiders as the control group are quite smooth.

(structural comparison of black areas between two peacock jumping spiders and control black spiders. KAY XIA; D. MCCOY ET AL/PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B 2019)

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researchers say that males of peacock jumping spiders attract females through bright patterns and magic dances, while very deep black contrasts sharply with the colored parts, making them look more eye-catching.

and before that, another study found that the situation of birds of paradise was similar. Although famous for its bright colors, some male birds of paradise (such as the beloved gorgeous bird of paradise in the picture below) are so black that they can't see any details from the front.

the bird of paradise, a black area with extremely low light reflectivity, is also associated with special feather microstructure, and the researchers believe that its role is to make the color more eye-catching and attractive to females. On an extremely dark background, the colored parts are even so bright that they seem to glow.

so when customers want colorful black, maybe just show ta a peacock jumping spider or bird of paradise (

source of jumping spider: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/peacock-spiders-superblack-spots-reflect-just-05-percent-light

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