Let me describe to you what it's like to eat super hot chili peppers.
Let me describe to you what it's like to eat super hot chili peppers.
Point: don't swallow.

two days ago, Mr. thumb organized a game, and the good friends of the fruit shell challenged a handful of super-hot chili peppers (here, thanks to the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, where they grow chili peppers, there are so many varieties). Today, let's sum up the feelings of the challenge _ (: challenge) ∠) _

the style of chili peppers is as follows. The hottest variety in this bag is Carolina death, which can reach 2.2 million Scoville units, currently ranking second in the world, and the rest are more than a million. I may have eaten Trinidad scorpion chili (if so, 1.46 million), but I'm not sure right now.

first of all, chili peppers are still very hot. I can usually eat spicy food (at least twice as much as spicy turkey noodles I can eat calmly). I only ate a piece the size of my little finger nail, and it wasn't the hottest one, but the strong burning feeling lasted for quite some time. At first, it felt like an upgraded version of Chaotian Pepper (at first, I thought this pepper was very delicious. I am really in love with chili peppers), but don't be fooled by the feeling of the first few seconds, a stronger burning pain is still waiting for you. Then for dozens of minutes, I drank yogurt while feeling the burning of my throat (it was actually a lactic acid drink from the restaurant. I have to say that all the remaining yogurt drinks were ordered by us that day. ), and then had a stomachache for a while (and was stuffed with a piece of stomach medicine to protect the mucous membrane, ∠). Even though the stomachache didn't last long, it was almost over by ten o'clock in the evening, and then there was no severe diarrhea (such as spicy chrysanthemums. There are still some, but fortunately it's not too serious. I'm still trying very carefully, so I feel fine.

in principle, it is not recommended to rush to challenge super-hot chili peppers, because these things are really not the same order of magnitude as the chili peppers in life. The chili peppers you can eat in your daily life look like tens of thousands of hot peppers. The top ten in the world are all millions of starts, really a lot worse! But curiosity is understandable. So if you really want to taste what super-hot chili peppers taste like, but don't want to be so painful, I can offer some advice to make yourself feel less uncomfortable:

the most important thing for ① is to have a small amount. Don't put it all in your mouth (why bother, you can't help but eat it all), just cut a small piece (if it's the hottest one, you can even cut it and just pick out a little bit to taste it). Prepare plenty of iced milk or ice cream.

② if you haven't been able to eat spicy food before, I suggest you don't try the hottest chili varieties directly. Try foods that are relatively spicy but not so spicy (for example, some super spicy snacks). If those don't work, forget it.

③ Don't hold chili peppers with your hands! Otherwise, you will know the consequences when you go to the bathroom or rub your eyes, all mucous membranes will without exception be strongly stimulated by capsaicin, and hand washing may not wash capsaicin quickly. You can wear nitrile-butadiene rubber gloves, and wit like I use chopsticks.

④ do not touch your lips when eating. Put small pieces into your mouth and chew slowly. Specifically, just chew it and stop to feel it for a while, and then chew it again until it's almost unbearable. Don't eat too hard, the feeling in the first few seconds was completely deceptive, when capsaicin didn't fully touch you.

what if ⑤ can't stand it? Spit it out. Don't swallow it! After swallowing for a while, you will have a stomachache and may also experience nausea and vomiting & diarrhea. Unless you want to take the opportunity to know where the stomach is in your body. )

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⑥ then slowly drink iced milk /eat ice cream to relieve the burning sensation. I don't think the effect of heavy irrigation will be better, and it may last until. The burning sensation in the mouth can be relieved as long as you keep drinking (each sip takes a short time, so keep taking a sip), and there is more trouble in your stomach (so it's better not to swallow it, draw a point).

one of the questions that people often ask is whether particularly hot chili peppers will kill people. This depends on the specific situation, direct toxicity should not be possible, although capsaicin in animals have acute toxicity data, but that is not the general dose, let people take the initiative to eat so much capsaicin irritation in the first place. But irritation itself can be a risk factor, such as inhaling into the trachea can lead to severe cough or even laryngospasm, irritation of the digestive tract may lead to severe vomiting and even esophageal rupture. So there must be health risks to eating super-hot chili peppers, which needs to be careful. I am not responsible for eating too much. (children and people with underlying diseases certainly can't harm others with super-hot chili peppers. I don't need to say)

PS: at that time, the chaotic scene of people eating chili could watch the live broadcast of Thumbelina → https://www.yizhibo.com/l/na05tJ0iYKaQ2fa4.html