Let fluorine and cesium react, my friend, I'm afraid you're not crazy.
Let fluorine and cesium react, my friend, I'm afraid you're not crazy.
Rare video material _ (: video "∠) _

there is no doubt that today's experiment is extremely risky. If you are really unlucky in your hands. (if you happen to have these things, please don't imitate them.... (after all, it doesn't have much scientific value)

I saw a very powerful old video from the Royal Institute (The Royal Institution) the other day, which is about-- yes, the reaction of fluorine and cesium.

seeing this title, my heart is like this:

Fluorine and cesium, what is this concept, my friends, one is the upper right corner of the periodic table, the oxidizing burst of the elemental substance, the other is the lower left corner of the periodic table, the reductive invincible alkali metal. PS: it doesn't count under cesium because it decays too little and too fast to do experiments.

(you can review the reaction of cesium with water first)

the protagonist of this video is Dr. Peter Wothers. Of course, you need to be very careful to put this idea into practice, so he called in a fluorine chemist, Eric Hope, to help.

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(the first reaction of the expert to hear the news: I'm afraid you're not crazy. )

however, they took a very careful reaction between fluorine and cesium and photographed it, as in the video:

after exposure to fluorine, they react quickly and emit a dazzling light, and the product should be cesium fluoride. From the slowing image, the color of the light is a bit similar to the flame reaction of cesium salt:

as to why there is no imaginary burst, I guess they are very cautious after all, and only a small amount of fluorine is released to participate in the reaction.

anyway, this kind of video material is really very rare.

the video here is a clip of the response part intercepted. For the full version, see (with English subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLOFaWdPxB0