Learn the strange posture of biology: cell division has spoiled you!
Learn the strange posture of biology: cell division has spoiled you!
Fancy division...

in high school biology, we all learn a lot about cell division, mitosis, amitosis, meiosis and so on. Generally speaking, the textbooks we see look like this:

or something like this:

these diagrams are pretty clear, but they seem a little boring-if you think so, congratulations. You're not alone. Netizens who have studied biology all over the world seem to be having fun with cell division.

for example, we can replace all the serious diagrams with delicious doughnut mitosis, which is a famous one:

cupcakes are also good:

A very lazy pancake version:

don't bother to make dessert at all? Then just take the earthworm fudge.

eat as you go! Very good

or can you find things that look like in life, such as strawberries that are "splitting"?

divided flowers. Huh? (I have to say, although I found this with the mitotic keyword, it doesn't look like it! )

people won't let go of cute pets, cats, split up!

(what's the hurry, it's almost over! )

lovely cartoon characters also come to split ~

(does Star Capi breed in this way? )

(I don't know if this is mitosis or meiosis. )

there is also a cross-stitch version:

what if I don't even bother to draw pictures? Express it in the ultimate simplified version:

. )

besides, people don't forget to tell a cold joke:

(division is also division. Cells must be very good at this... )

what is even more interesting is that there is even a small animation called "meiotic Square Dance" (Meiosis Square Dance) in which chromosomes sing and dance, performing the process of meiosis. The style of painting goes like this:

is still made by Discovery, but unfortunately we can't find the HD version

(actually there is an attempt to send this video to Tencent, but the original link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCL6d0OwKt8&t=58s)

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seeing here, you may have forgotten what cell division should be like. So finally, let's review the real mitotic movement map:

the pig kidney epithelial cells are photographed under the microscope. Because of the fluorescent labeling, the spindle filaments and chromosomes look very clear.

then the problem arises. Please briefly describe the stages of cell mitosis and their characteristics (Hello)