Just post the same picture twice and you get the illusion of leaning tower!
Just post the same picture twice and you get the illusion of leaning tower!
Does it look like a different angle? This is the same picture.

this is probably one of the easiest visual illusion pictures to make. All you have to do is take a suitable picture, copy it, and put it side by side:

do you see anything wrong? The photos on the left and right sides are obviously the same, but when placed side by side, the directions of the roads will look different.

this visual illusion is called the "leaning tower illusion" because it was first discovered in two photos of the leaning Tower of Pisa side by side. In fact, as long as you look at the photos of roads and buildings from near to far, you can see this phenomenon.

the reason for this illusion actually comes from the mechanism by which the human brain reconstructs the spatial relationship of the three-dimensional world. The human eye perceives the outside world through the projection of light on the retina, which determines that the original visual signals received by the visual system are actually two-dimensional. We can see the spatial relationship between objects, thanks to the brain's analysis and processing of visual signals, which will carry out three-dimensional reconstruction through a variety of clues.

when we see two identical photos posted side by side, it is still easy to regard it as a whole picture and consider the spatial relationship from the overall point of view.

(the parallel contrast between the real three-dimensional world and the two-dimensional picture)

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you can imagine that if it is a picture of the whole, two roads parallel to each other (or two parallel towers) are photographed from this angle, then they should not be parallel in plane. Because of the law of the big and the small, the two parallel lines extending into the distance should look closer and closer, and the brain will reconstruct their spatial relationship according to this law. If it is really parallel in the picture, then the reconstructed spatial position should not be parallel, but farther and farther away from each other. Therefore, it is also reasonable to regard two identical side-by-side pictures as different angles.

if you are interested, you can also use your own photos to try ~

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