Japanese mountain lotus leaves: transparent flowers in the rain
Japanese mountain lotus leaves: transparent flowers in the rain
Why do petals become transparent?

in a twinkling of an eye, it's Friday again. Today, let's introduce a special flower bar

it's called Diphylleia grayi, a plant of the genus Berberaceae. Although the white flowers are cute, they usually look nothing special:

but if you look at them when it rains, they will be different. Other flowers in the rain look like this:

but it looks like this:

petals can be completely transparent. It's like glass.

contrast picture:

this is just beginning to become transparent:

so, why does this petal become transparent?

first of all, white petals are essentially colorless and transparent, and there is no pigment in them. The petals are white because they contain many air-filled vesicles and intercellular spaces, reflecting the interface between many small liquids and gases. The whiteness of the foam actually comes from

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(a single transparent bubble and the white bubble gathered together)

and if the water enters it and fills up these small voids, then the reflection interface is gone. At this time, the refractive index of the foreign water is not much different from that of the original liquid in the cell, so it looks like a transparent piece.

transparent objects with similar refractive index will look the same, and here is an example:

the cup is filled with liquid mixed with vegetable oil and baby oil, and the refractive index is about the same as the glass bar, so the glass rod "disappears" and becomes a whole piece of transparency.

so, why are the petals we usually see not so soaked in water? This is because the surface of the petals is generally covered with a waxy waterproof layer and protrudes to prevent moisture infiltration. However, due to species differences, the waxy layer of some petals will be relatively thin, or when the petals are senescent, or when they are soaked in water for a long time, the water can enter the intercellular spaces and vacuoles, making the petals transparent. (in other words, that's what it feels like to soak chrysanthemums in chrysanthemum tea for a long time)

in short, this is also a beautiful phenomenon in nature.

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