It's Valentine's Day again. Let's appreciate the confession cards of fans.
It's Valentine's Day again. Let's appreciate the confession cards of fans.
A group of scientific confession cards that seem to be wrong.

it's a warm and touching day again, and the scientific media will also have a little scientific romance on this day. ScienceFriday, for example, will prepare a few small science-themed cards on their website, which you can print out and give to your favorite people.

but the problem is-the style of these cards is really a bit of a mystery. Today, I will show you the original pictures that can be printed in the link at the end if you are interested, but I really don't recommend you to express your love with them. _ (: pictures "∠) _

first complain about the last one I want to receive:

I love you more than giant centipedes love bats

what? This is probably the most difficult analogy I have ever seen. It is true that these centipedes can eat bats. If you are interested, you can search by yourself (giant centipede eat bat). There should be documentaries, and there will be no videos here.

OK, after seeing this one, I guess everyone else can accept it calmly. Let's enjoy it one by one.

it's much more normal for me to burn in your atmosphere

, but there seems to be something wrong with couples burning themselves on Valentine's Day.

Hey, you are sweeter than pi

emm is a little far-fetched.

nothing can stop my love

and the following is a Valentine's Day card released last year:

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undeniably, you are warming my inner climate

(Earth: can't laugh)

how to say, there should be a lot of confession pictures with dopamine as the theme. This is probably the most unlovable picture I've ever seen. Of course, both dopamine and serotonin are involved in a wide range of neural activities. In fact, neurotransmitters do not directly correspond to "love" and "feelings of happiness".

like a water bug, my love will not die

for the sake of the water bug, just forgive it. However, neverdie is still a bit misleading, in fact, the life span of water bear bugs is not too long, they are not absolutely indestructible, but they are better resistant to harsh external conditions after entering the hidden state of dehydration.

all the original pictures of the above cards can be found in the link below:

(but will you really want the original picture? (this kind of Valentine's Day card)

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