It's not easy to be a big robot, isn't it easy to make a hundred small ones?
It's not easy to be a big robot, isn't it easy to make a hundred small ones?
Hordes of little robots

if you wanted a robot to do all kinds of work for humans, how would you design it? The idea of many people is to design a delicate humanoid robot. It sounds cool, but it can be complicated to do.

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Today we are going to see another way of thinking that is simpler and ruder, but may also solve a lot of problems. It's not easy to build a big machine that looks like a man, and it's not easy to build a bunch of simple small robots.

this little thing is called Zooids, and each small robot is small and simple in structure (including small wheels, batteries, touch sensors, gyroscopes and optical sensors, etc.). They achieve a variety of functions, relying on "machine-sea tactics", working together like a group of ants.

if you put them on the desktop, these little things can also perform a lot of functions, such as interactive display or moving objects.

queue up:

I'll make up the data points!

of course, these small robots need additional equipment to determine their position and issue control instructions.

think about it. When there are hundreds of little robots in and out of your room, it feels like. Are you afraid of _ (: fear) ∠) _


wants to know more about it, you can read the relevant paper:

, so eight legs is really nothing (wrong)