It was only when I grew up that I knew that there was such a scientific principle behind small toys.
It was only when I grew up that I knew that there was such a scientific principle behind small toys.
How many have you played?

Today is not only a holiday for children, but also a day for big friends to recall their childhood. In memory of International Children's Day (lazy), today we will summarize the science behind several kinds of small toys introduced earlier. Let's see which one you played when you were a child.

drinking waterfowl, why are you so thirsty?

A strange bird made of a glass tube will bend down to drink water again and again as long as it is wet with its mouth and placed in front of the water cup:

this is actually an evaporation drive. The water in the wet bird's head evaporates, which causes a local cooling, and the air pressure inside the bird's head drops, so the liquid in the belly rises along the inner glass tube, changing the bird's center of gravity, so it pours into the water cup. After dumping, the liquid will flow back to the "stomach" and begin the next cycle.

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"snot glue" Slim

it's hard to find a second toy to go disgusting and it's so popular! When I was a child, they were sold at the stall at the door, installed in plastic buckets, a sticky unknown gel, mixed with all kinds of fake eyeballs and maggots, the painting style is very indescribable. In the Internet age, the painting style of this thing has become fresh again, and many people say that just watching the video of kneading Shrem is very cured.

the classic formula of this gel is guar gum + borax, and many homemade versions use glue containing polyvinyl alcohol with a little borax solution. Boron acts as a cross-linking agent here, connecting the molecular chains together to form a gel.

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Borax is a low toxic substance, and the dosage is not large (if you add too much hand slip, it will cross-link too much and become very hard. ), it's not dangerous to play with these slims. However, avoid swallowing, avoid contact between pets and toddlers, wash your hands

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two small balls crackle and emit a puff of smoke as long as they hit hard.

this toy has ceramic balls on the inside and a thin coating containing potassium chlorate, sulfur, glass powder and adhesive. When the energy of the impact is strong enough, a local chemical reaction is triggered, which also leads to a strong sound. Reaction:

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Blue ink that disappears

some toys are specially used to trick small companions, such as chewing gum that suddenly pops up with big plastic cockroaches, and vanishing ink also falls into this category. The dark blue ink on the clothes looks bad, but it won't be long before the blue will automatically disappear.

(the dynamic picture is an accelerated version, which actually takes a few minutes)

the blue color of this ink comes from an acid-base indicator: thymol phthalein, which has a higher pH, which appears blue in this alkaline environment. When the ink comes into contact with the air and reacts with the carbon dioxide in it, the pH decreases somewhat, crossing the discoloration point of the indicator, and the blue will gradually become colorless.

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PS: actually, I didn't play with any of these when I was a child. _ (: "∠") _