International Working Women's Day is here to get to know these 12 women in the history of chemistry.
International Working Women's Day is here to get to know these 12 women in the history of chemistry.
Female chemists

to celebrate International Working Women's Day, today Compound Interest updated a picture of information about important women in the history of chemistry. Let's take a look at who is on it.

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this is chemist Lavasil's wife Mary-Anna Pierre Wright. The versatile woman is so interested in chemistry that she assists her husband in scientific research and helps him translate literature and draw illustrations.

Mr. and Mrs. Lavasil can be called a classic early research couple file. The picture used here is part of the couple's portrait. The whole picture goes like this:

if you want to know more about Mr. and Mrs. Lavasil, you can read the original text.

Maria Skvodovska-Curie, or Madame Curie, is probably the best-known female scientist who is famous for her discoveries of radioactive elements.

what? You say you think Madame Curie is in physics? He has won the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry, and he is not afraid of amphibious life.

Alice Augusta Bauer

African-American chemist who developed an injectable plant extract that was used at the time to treat leprosy.

Greta Corey

the Corey cycle in biochemistry is named after Carl Ferdinand Corey and Gerticoli:

German chemist and physicist. Firstly, the concept of nuclear fission was put forward, and the 75th element rhenium was discovered together with her husband Walter Nodak.

Irene Yorio-Curie

Kathleen Lonsdale

crystallographer, a pioneer in the study of crystal structure by x-ray, confirmed the plane structure of benzene ring by means of X-ray diffraction.

Dorothy Marie Hodgkin

biochemist and pharmacologist have made many contributions to drug research and development, developing N drugs, such as azathioprine for organ transplantation and autoimmune diseases. Acyclovir used to fight herpesvirus and so on.

Rosalyn Franklin

physical chemist and crystallographer, the key to determining the structure of DNA!

Mary Maynard Daly

is considered to be the first African-American woman in the United States to receive a doctorate in chemistry. Research areas include the effects of cigarette smoke on the lungs.

Stephanie Kwalker

material chemist, works for DuPont. A very tough polymer fiber, Kevlar, is developed, which is a kind of aromatic polyamide synthetic fiber.

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