Interesting research: the wonderful use of bear candy
Interesting research: the wonderful use of bear candy
After the test, you can eat!

Today I read a very interesting use of candy bear: some researchers have used it to make a low-cost bite force testing instrument, which is like this in the picture below:

with the increase of bite force, the candy bear sandwiched in the middle will become more and more flat, which will change the electrical impedance, so the bite force can be reflected by measuring the change of voltage.

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the measurement of bite force can be used to understand the masticatory ability and development of children, but it is difficult for children to cooperate with all kinds of medical measurements. This group of researchers think that their measurement method should be more popular with children, because the candy bears used in the measurement are all used at one time, and as long as they are finished with the test, they can eat it, which is also a cute idea.

I really like this example of using ordinary things in daily life for innovation and scientific research, such as the simple centrifuge made of rope toys and the use of bubble paper as a simple reaction container for medical examination. The technical content of these studies may not be high, but they can solve some practical problems, reduce costs and put them into use more quickly.

Source of candy bears:

now that I'm talking about candy bears, I'd like to show my old picture, although I've changed my likes now