In the virtual world, hit a wall that doesn't exist.
In the virtual world, hit a wall that doesn't exist.
How to simulate the feeling of hitting a wall in the VR world?

with a VR device, you can enter a completely virtual visual world, but its touch is not real. For example, when there is a wall in front of you, you give it a push, but it is empty, and even the whole person suddenly falls into the wall. Because after all, this "virtual wall" is just a visual experience, but it doesn't give people any tactile feedback.

but now, there is a device that can make people feel "hit the wall" in the virtual world. The device can be carried on the body and has multiple electrodes connected to muscles in different parts of the arm. This thing can simulate the resistance when pushing walls and moving heavy objects, giving people a sense of "resistance".

in the picture above, when you encounter a wall (or an electrified iron fence) in a virtual world? The younger brother who experienced the device withdrew his hand because he felt the resistance of "hitting a brick wall" through the virtual device.

and the "resistance" that people feel is actually caused by their own muscles.

when the person wearing the virtual device encounters an object such as a "virtual wall", the device that simulates the tactile sensation will electrically stimulate the corresponding muscles and hinder people's movements according to the specific situation. For example, when a person wants to push forward, he or she stimulates the muscles that produce the opposite effect, making the experimenter feel that his arm is "pulled" by resistance. It's like really getting in the way of pushing the wall.

in a similar way, you can also simulate buttons that really feel "pressure" in virtual reality, as well as objects that feel heavy when you move them.

throw this square out, it has "weight":

as shown in the following figure, when moving an object, the person's own action is to push the arm up to overcome a downward drag. In the real world, the downward force comes from the gravity of the object, while in the virtual system, the arm is pulled down by stimulating the muscles in the red part of the arm, creating a feeling of "hard to move". My muscles interfere with me, which may actually feel quite strange. )

this is a result from the Haso Pratt Institute (Hasso-Plattner-Institut,HPI). Before that, some people have used special gloves to simulate the sense of touch, but this time, they add weight and resistance to the virtual object. Different weights can also be simulated through the parameters of electrical stimulation.

at present, this simulation device can only be used in the upper body, but people can happily push walls and move bricks in the virtual world.


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in addition to sight and hearing, people have been trying to enrich other senses in virtual reality. Before, some researchers simulated taste by electrically stimulating the tongue. There is even a VR expansion device specially designed to make people feel the hair dryer and the back of the neck is hot (as shown in the picture below). The brain is really not small. (: hair "∠) _