In fact, the new Mac pro wiping doesn't work at all.
In fact, the new Mac pro wiping doesn't work at all.
Amway is a serious and funny DIY video.

Today, I mainly want a serious and funny DIY video for Amway, from tubing blogger Winston Moy. Original video link:

this video is the cause of Apple's newly released Mac pro, I believe everyone was shocked when they saw this look: is this really not a silk eraser?

since everyone said that this design is completely a wire eraser, Winston Moy decided to really try the same design into a wire eraser.

after modeling, he uses a milling machine to drill overlapping hemispherical holes on both sides of the aluminum plate. ), and then the aluminum was anodized. The processing process actually looks quite interesting. Let's take a look at the original video for details.

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after completion, it is as follows:

here is the actual application time: does the Mac wiper really work?

the answer is-very hard to use, harder to use than I thought. Winston Moy tried to rub a hard cheese with it, although he could get some crumbs of the cheese, but the process was very laborious.

what about stuffing a small piece of cheese into a hole and twisting it? It's also laborious, but you can grind a cheese ball.

it is understandable that the shape of the wiper is not similar to that of the heat sink. The heat dissipation hole is a hemispherical hole, but the hole in the wiper is tilted, and the latter is obviously easier to insert and cut into the food.

(something like this)

however, Winston Moy also found another use for this awkward wiper: it seems to be good for soap.

PS: the blogger also shared a 3D print file of the same design, and he can print it himself if he is interested, although he doesn't guarantee that it will be of any use (but should at least be able to put soap? ). Https://