I'm not interested in human love. I just want to watch peacocks dance spiders and do a courtship dance.
I'm not interested in human love. I just want to watch peacocks dance spiders and do a courtship dance.
Love, there is really nothing new to say _ (: love "∠) _

in a twinkling of an eye, it's Valentine's Day again, but there's nothing new to say this year. _ ("∠") _

Let's watch the cute little jumping spider dance! Although I've posted it before, it's really cute, and it's worth watching a few more times ~ this video is from the great youtube blogger Peacockspiderman,51 jumping Spider Collection! BGM:Stayin\ 'Alive

post a brief introduction written earlier:

Peacock jumping spider refers to a member of the lower genus (Maratus) of the family Araneae. Dozens of species have been found, mostly living in Australia. It makes sense to call them peacock jumping spiders. The males of these spiders are not only as colorful as peacocks, but also "open the screen" like peacocks: they have expandable ventral structures on both sides of their bellies and raise their bellies when courtship dancing. spread the flanks, cooperate with the body swing, fully show the gorgeous structural color. Different peacock jumping spiders have different dance steps.

Dance and bright colors are designed to attract females, which is the result of sexual selection and is also a common phenomenon in nature. For example, in many birds, the male is very beautiful and makes complex movements to courtship. Females, on the other hand, do not have this pressure of choice, so they grow much simpler, which helps them to hide in the environment.

if possible, you can also follow Peacockspiderman on the tubing, and there are many video materials for each jumping spider species to watch.

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besides, today is my favorite little lead singer (Royz's birthday)! So here we have to forcibly insert a Royz song ~

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Happy holidays = w =