If you wear these earrings, you won't get pregnant.... huh?
If you wear these earrings, you won't get pregnant.... huh?
The train of thought is magical.

Today is April Fool's Day, but I think everyone should be tired of watching fake news. So, today I'd like to introduce the most joking but actually true tech news I've seen in the past month: contraceptive jewelry.

when the words contraception and jewelry are put together, it's probably confusing enough. If you wear earrings, you can have contraception. Is that true? However, this is actually a paper published in the journal Journal of Controlled Release, in which the researchers designed several accessories that can be controlled to release drugs for a long time, including earrings, collars, rings and wristwatches, which look like the following:

(this is a pictorial abstract of the original paper, with its own honey filter)

how do accessories have anything to do with contraception or drugs? In fact, these accessories hide the same thing where they touch the wearer's skin: a small transdermal patch containing the female contraceptive levonorgestrel. Transdermal patch is a drug form that sticks to the skin like a plaster, but not only locally, but allows the drug to work through the skin to the whole body. Transdermal patch can release the drug stably for a long time, which is more convenient than taking medicine.

Transdermal patches for contraception already exist (each patch can be used for a week). The researchers say the purpose of hiding contraceptive patches in jewelry is to make it easier for women who need them to accept them. The researchers conducted preliminary tests on the drug release kinetics of several contraceptive jewelry, but at present, these drug release jewelry is only a (very mysterious) concept product.

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original paper: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168365919301609