I sprayed it! When the peacock jumping spider picks up the lightsaber...
I sprayed it! When the peacock jumping spider picks up the lightsaber...
Spiders can be so cute!

I saw a very interesting change picture on imgur before. I posted _ (: cute "∠) _

to the cute peacock jumping spider p with a lightsaber. It was so funny.

come on, let's do it!

spiders often leave some shocking impressions, but peacock jumping spiders are definitely cute in the spider world. Male peacock dancing spiders only a few millimeters in size have very bright colors and do cute dances to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

the peacock jumping spider refers to a member of the lower genus (Maratus) of the family Araneae. Dozens of species have been found, mostly living in Australia. It makes sense to call them peacock jumping spiders. The males of these spiders are not only as colorful as peacocks, but also "open the screen" like peacocks: they have expandable ventral structures on both sides of their bellies and raise their bellies when courtship dancing. spread the flanks, cooperate with the body swing, fully show the gorgeous structural color. Different peacock jumping spiders have different dance steps.

Let's enjoy a few pictures that haven't been seen before:

species: Maratus speciosus

species: Maratus splendens

species: Maratus caeruleus

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species: Maratus fimbriatus

male's bright body colors and complex courtship movements are the result of sexual selection, which are not good for individual survival (or even too conspicuous or hindering), but because they are noticed by females, they can be passed on from generation to generation. By contrast, the color of a female peacock jumping spider is much simpler (the brown one below is a girl).

so, for many kinds of animals, the phrase "so cute must be a boy" is very reasonable. _ (: cute "∠) _

if you want to know more about peacock jumping spiders, you can follow Peacockspiderman on youtube, which is a channel set up by researchers. There are many video resources of peacock jumping spiders, and the motion pictures that have not been seen in this article come from here.