I sprayed it! A flavored ammonia fountain
I sprayed it! A flavored ammonia fountain
Ammonia doesn't smell good, but the ammonia fountain is beautiful.

what are the characteristics of ammonia? Many people may think of "smells like a toilet" first. It's sour. I can't believe _ (: ammonia "∠) _

of course, ammonia has many other properties, such as its solubility in water is very high. An astonishing 700 times the volume of ammonia can be dissolved in 1 volume of water.

this property leads to a classic small experiment-ammonia fountain. As long as the bottle full of ammonia is connected to the water with a pipe, the ammonia will quickly dissolve in the water, causing the pressure in the bottle to drop rapidly, and the water will be pumped back into the bottle and become a fountain. If an acid-base indicator is added, the alkaline solution that dissolves ammonia will also produce a beautiful color.

Blue version:

Aqueous solution changes from yellow to blue because thymol blue indicator is added. Do you remember its discoloration rule? Poke here to review the → dynamic view: the quintuple discoloration of an indicator

and the classic pink version:

here is the addition of phenolphthalein, which has changed from colorless to pink.

what other experiments can ammonia do? The dark blue text shown with ammonia and copper sulfate is also very interesting, you can review the → motion picture here: the three kinds of "invisible text" that are most suitable for playing handsome

ammonia are more irritating, pay attention to ventilation and avoid inhalation (if you use it in the laboratory).

the most popular article last week was the classic elephant toothpaste experiment. Feel a big wave of oxygen bubbles here. → Elephant toothpaste: the fun of simple experiments

by the way, water bugs are actually quite popular ~ so I decided to send another water bear doll! ~\ (≧▽≦) /~

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