I know you're still up.
I know you're still up.

when I put away my phone and looked out of the window contentedly, it was dawn.

is not the kind of gray light, but accompanied by the sound of people talking, dogs barking, wheels and so on, which is as bright as the lights.

at times like this, I just lie down and close my eyes, and the phone I just put down can vibrate through the alarm clock and get my attention again.

everyone in the moments is not any better. Four or five o'clock in the morning is their most active time. All kinds of insomnia copywriters emerge one after another, and disappear on time after the first ray of light appears in the sky.

through open and covert visits, we summarize various strange causes of insomnia as follows. Let's see how many you can guess.

2. May I ask why he has insomnia?

4. May I ask why he has insomnia?

6. I'd like to ask why he has insomnia.

although with the resumption of work, the normal days gradually returned to normal. People can still walk around the street with masks on.

but the changes we experienced during the epidemic are more or less difficult to erase.

just like insomnia, knowing that I have to go to work the next day, I can't help sleeping until dark, but I can't help playing for a while at night.

maybe we can do something to get back to the normal channel.

author /Zhang Yue

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