I have something to say to you about cohabitation.
I have something to say to you about cohabitation.
Want to do well and can do well, are two different things.

I asked several different female readers the same question: after cohabiting, do you quarrel with your boyfriend about doing housework?

this epidemic is like tearing off everyone's fig leaf. I will never find that the man who looked like him on a previous date was so bad in his living habits that he didn't even bother to take care of a small house of 30 square meters.

I began to wonder how I slept with such an unclean man.

he, who had deliberately avoided emotional problems under the pretext of study, finally could not find a more suitable excuse to be evasive.

later, I found out that he was not running away, he didn't know how to do it at all, and he didn't even know the basic life skills, so it's not difficult to explain his failure on emotional issues.

I was traveling with my boyfriend before the Spring Festival, but the flight home was temporarily cancelled.

unexpectedly, he said honestly that he had never done such a thing since he was a child.

after listening to their stories, I suddenly realized that feelings are certainly a very important part of the process from falling in love to cohabitation.

it's like you are fascinated by the way he smokes when you are in love, but you will hate the ash he accidentally dropped after cohabitation; you like his free and easy when you are in love, and you will hate his careless and messy clothes after cohabitation.

because of a good romantic relationship, or cohabitation, housework must be shared by both men and women.

so for boys, it's not that most boys don't want to do housework.

want to do well and can do well, after all, are two different things.

perhaps the best way to solve this practical problem is to do housework in a more efficient way.

so the other day I bought a Shark Shark D01 steam mop. In such a special period, its "sterilization and acaricidal rate is 99.99%" , and it is cleaner than the general mop, mainly because there are no water stains left.

Shark Shark D01 steam mop comes from Boston's famous cleaning brand Shark.

such a brand can completely solve the two most annoying problems of mopping the floor: one is that the mop cannot be washed clean after mopping, and the other is that there are still water stains left after mopping.

at the same time, the machine head is flexible, 180 °random rotation , bed bottom, sofa bottom, crevice corner, all kinds of dead corners can be taken care of without bending over.

the loading and unloading of the mop is also very humanized, as long as the mop is perpendicular to the ground, step on the edge of the mop, and the mop falls instantly.

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first pour pure water, filtered or boiling water with matching water cups (impurities in tap water are easy to cause blockage). Plug in the plug after adding water, just wait 15 seconds , see it start to give off steam and start mopping the floor.

in addition, its wire is 5.12 meters long, so you don't have to move around looking for sockets. The fuselage also has hooks that can be wrapped around wires, which is clean and refreshing after putting it away.

if we really have a grudge against each other because of such "little things" as housework.

and, as a disorganized fan, you can get a special discount.