How to sleep with your favorite molecule? Come to bed with chemical quilt ~
How to sleep with your favorite molecule? Come to bed with chemical quilt ~
With molecular quilts, you can sleep with molecules you like.

Chemical controllers may often choose their favorite molecules to make various decorations, or use them to express their feelings. For example, oxytocin greeting cards like this are full of love:

previously cool science has also introduced the molecules of theobromine made of chocolate:

, but today we are going to introduce the extra and magical periphery-molecular quilts. Yes, it is the quilt covered by... It looks like this:

(╯ '□') ╯ sleeping ┻━┻ (embroidered with caffeine on the quilt)

this is a work from theodore gray, who embroidered the structural formulas of various molecules on the quilt and decorated it with very magic patterns. These lines are not randomly drawn, they represent the distribution of electron cloud density around molecules. Of course, these patterns can not be so accurate, because the molecule is a three-dimensional structure, and the quilt can only be sewn into a two-dimensional pattern. However, in any case, the effect is still very magic.

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Let's take a look at a few more physical pictures:

details of embroidery:

White background reminds me of my aunt's towel. _ (: dizzy "∠) _


anyway, these quilts give people the opportunity to sleep with their favorite molecules. They are for sale and accept customization, but they are still not available at home. (I put it on the website to read the original text, if you are interested.) there are more patterns that can be made into quilts below

. For example, they gave boys and girls a mini quilt:

(good idea, but this looks too dazzling …... )

but I still like graphene best, at least the neat pattern is more friendly to obsessive-compulsive disorder:

I don't know what kind of molecules you like?