How to jump candy jump?
How to jump candy jump?
Look under the microscope.

Jump candy is probably the most wonderful kind of candy to touch. Have you ever wondered why it pops up on the tip of your tongue and why the jump candy you buy are always irregularly shaped pieces?

this is actually related to the production process of jumping candy. The main ingredients used in jumping candy are not much different from those of ordinary hard candy, but inside the candy, there are many small bubbles that "encapsulate" high-pressure carbon dioxide bubbles. If you look at it with a microscope, you can see the structure of these small bubbles:

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when the jumping candy touches the tongue, the saliva begins to dissolve the sugar, and the outer wall of the small space that encapsulates the small bubble becomes fragile. at this time, the carbon dioxide inside runs out, pushing the jumping candy to further crack and "jump" up, producing a crackling feeling on the tongue.

if you see jumping candy in contact with water under a microscope, it will look like this:

(original video from: Nancy Foote)

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if you directly use crushing method to destroy the structure of jumping candy, you can also see them jump up:

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the mode of production of jumping candy is roughly like this: first, various ingredients of candy are mixed to make a thick hot syrup. If the hot syrup is cooled directly, it will get the ordinary hard candy in the glassy state, but when making jumping candy, the hot syrup will be stirred and "inflated" in an environment of high-pressure carbon dioxide gas. the pressure used is about 50 times that of normal atmospheric pressure. Next, the syrup is cooled and solidified in a high-pressure environment and then restored to normal pressure. After decompression, the candy filled with high-pressure gas will crack, and there will still be many bubbles that seal the high-pressure gas in the broken pieces. Because of the randomness of this fragmentation, jumping candy is also an irregular fragment shape.

now, jumping candy is often added to other snacks to create interesting experiences, such as marshmallows and chocolates with jumping candy. I have also seen a version of Oreo with jumping candy in it, called fireworks.

have you seen any magic way to eat jumping candy? I feel like I haven't eaten this for a long time. _ (: eating "∠) _