How on earth did the sound of B-Box come from? Read it clearly with MRI.
How on earth did the sound of B-Box come from? Read it clearly with MRI.
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Today, I mainly want to talk to you about the website of an Amway research project:

. In this research project, the researchers invited five B-Box performers to demonstrate their talents in an unusual place-- a magnetic resonance (MRI) imager.

(be sure to turn on the sound!

whenever I see B-Box, I always wonder how these voices that don't look like human voices come out, and the MRI video of this research project can satisfy people's curiosity very well.

only one of these segments has been moved here, and a large number of other similar videos can be found on the website at the beginning. The researchers recorded a large number of MRI videos of B-Box 's basic skills, along with simple notes. The most important thing: the video test on this site can be seen without a ladder (tears in my eyes).

MRI is an imaging method often used in medical and scientific research. Through it, we can directly see the cross-sectional view of the vocal organs and the movement of each part in the vocal process. The following figure shows the position of each part of the vocal organs:

Why do you want to observe B-Box under MRI? According to the researchers, they want to know how people learn the vocal skills of B-Box and how similar it is to human language, and hope that the data will improve people's understanding of human behavior and cognition. In order to collect more data, they looked for different levels of B-Boxer, some very professional, some beginners, and an intermediate performer (who is also a member of the research team).

more videos you can enjoy directly on the website. Although you still can't learn it at all after watching it, it looks really interesting.

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