How does the root tip grow and how do the fingertips sweat?
How does the root tip grow and how do the fingertips sweat?
Here comes the microphotography of "Little World" in the new year.

recently, Nikon's "Little World" microphotography competition announced the award-winning works of this year's dynamic group. Today, we will select some of the finalists to enjoy

all the original videos and introductions can be seen here:

this year's champion awarded a short video recording plant root tip growth under a confocal microscope. We can clearly observe how the root tips of Arabidopsis thaliana elongate after fluorescence labeling, and the corresponding actual time is about 17 hours.

producer: Dr. Daniel von Wangenheim,Institute of Science and Technology Austria

the second place shows how our fingers are enlarged. Yes, there are sweat glands on fingerprints, and traces of secretions they leave can also be detected. I even saw a paper saying that when the fingerprint is incomplete, the distribution characteristics of these sweat gland openings can also be used as an auxiliary basis for fingerprint identification to help solve the case.

producer: Tsutomu Tomita & Shun Miyazaki,TIMELAPSE VISION INC.

(feels like this video was also popular on the Internet for a while? )

here are a few of my choices.

enlarge the smartphone display.

this is closer to people's lives. If you enlarge the display screen of devices such as smartphones, you can see that there are red, green and blue separated and regularly arranged pixels, and their light is mixed together to get the final display effect.

Recorder: Andrew Melia,Institute of Technical Education, Singapore

I don't know exactly what equipment is being photographed here. I have photographed iPad with water droplets before, and it is as follows:

Cluster rotifer (Floscularia)

some small aquatic animals feed on protozoa, algae, organic matter debris, etc. Nothing else. I just feel a little cute for no reason.

Recorder: Wim van Egmond,Micropolitan Museum

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use microfluidic system to disperse small oil droplets into water to form emulsions. High-speed photography, looks inexplicably calm and serene _ (: quiet "∠) _

recording by: Dr. Mostafa Yourdkhani & Shijia Tang