Heavenly Dogs: before humans, they were pioneers in space exploration.
Heavenly Dogs: before humans, they were pioneers in space exploration.
Dogs are not only partners, they also make sacrifices for the development of science and technology.

(introduction to cool science: the year of the Dog is coming soon. Dogs are not only human companions, but also important experimental animals for scientists. There are many famous experimental dogs in the field of biology, and there are also many dogs behind the space technology. Today, let's take a look back at the space kings who once went up to the sky. The article is reproduced from the fruit shell network, and the typesetting is good. I won't change _ (: ∠)

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57 years ago, the earth first welcomed creatures from space-- two space dogs from the former Soviet Union Belka and Stryerka .

the two dogs returning from space for the first time, Belka and Stryerka

in the 1950s, the United States and the Soviet Union were at loggerheads in the field of space. Americans especially like to send monkeys to the sky (because they are more like people), while the Soviets prefer to send dogs (can stand loneliness and sit for a long time).

however, it is the Soviet dog who can come back safely from high altitude; the Soviet dog who is the first to go into space; and the Soviet dog who goes for a walk in space and then comes back alive. In this game, the Wang Xingren beat the primates.

Today let's talk about the gossip and anecdotes of these Soviet space dogs.


Girl, I think you are one of the aviation wizards in a million.

-follow me to heaven!

there was a time when Soviet scientists took to the streets when they had nothing to do.

what? Pick a dog!

female stray dogs with small size and gentle personality are all selected . Stray dogs are needed because their survival ability and mental state are stronger than those of domestic dogs, while "sexism" is because. Male dogs need to lift their legs when they pee, but they can't perform in a spacesuit at all.

(however, after returning from the universe, more than 60% of dogs have symptoms of constipation.

from 1951 to 1966, the Soviet Union launched 57 dogs, a total of 26 dogs. Among them, the old driver who carried out the most missions was called "Warrior", and she took on a total of five missions.

the left dog is brave, and the right rabbit is little Martha


do you remember

those two dogs that fell from the sky.

before officially exploring space, scientists first conduct high-altitude experiments .

on July 22nd, 1951, two dogs named "Dezk" and "Gypsy" reached high altitude in 110km and returned to the ground. This is the first time that the animals have returned safely. The monkeys sent by the United States five times before were unfortunately killed.

A week later, Djokovic had sex with another dog, Xiao Li. But this time the parachute failed to open, and the dog gave his life for the country.

after hearing the news of the accident, a scientist in charge of the project was deeply distressed! he immediately rushed to the experimental center to take Xiao Ji away and adopt him as his pet.

"what day? No, whether to go or not! "



Dog. I lost it!

although they have a bunch of dogs and the skill of sending dogs to heaven is 666, the Soviets have the ability to watch dogs. That's not a compliment.

one of their dogs is Smelaya, which means "courage" . The day before her second mission, the dog ran away.

it is also necessary to talk about the work efficiency of other people fighting the nation. The next day, that is, the day of the launch, "Courage" was caught and shot up.

another lost dog is named Bolik. Just a few days before Baoli went to heaven, the Soviets discovered that the dog had been lost again!

so once again, they efficiently caught a stray dog wandering nearby. She also gave her a super-wayward name: ZIB (Russian acronym for "double of missing Baoli").

ZIB went up to the sky without training, and as a result. everything went well and ZIB got home safely.


-this will arrange your marriage!

on August 19th, 1960, 57 years ago today , the dog Belka, the dog Stryerka, a rabbit, 42 mice, two rats and a pile of flies successfully returned to the ground after circling the sky 18 times. They also became the first creatures on earth to come from space.

the left is Strilka (nicknamed little arrow), and the right is Belka (nicknamed squirrel)

after Strilka came back, he found a subject who was both an experimental dog, and the two dogs had a total of six babies. One of them, Pushinka, was given to US President John F. Kennedy by Khrushchev. When Pushinka got there, he and the presidentThe family dog quickly caught the spark of love in the Cold War and gave birth to four puppies.

-it can be said that it is Princess Wencheng of Wang Jie!

the descendants of Pushinka, who plays on the grass in front of the White House, are still alive.

of all these space dogs, the most famous is Leica . But Leica's story may be a little sad to tell now.

the first thing that man sends into space is Sputnik 1, which marks the beginning of the space age. The following year, we launched Sputnik 2 with the first space resident: Leica the dog.

Leica Ben is a stray dog with a bit of Kazakh blood on the streets of Moscow. In November 1957, she was chosen by scientists to fly around the earth for the first time in history .

Leica has experienced both ice and fire. Before takeoff, she stayed in a cold capsule for three days and almost froze; after entering space, she only lived for five to seven hours due to 40 ℃ of heat and lack of oxygen.

this is no accident. At that time, human technology could not achieve the recovery of the capsule, so Leica's trip was destined to be buried in space. Next, Leica's body orbited the earth for five months, 2570 times. Then the capsule crashed into the atmosphere and was reduced to ashes.

Leica's monument is erected on the streets of Moscow. (APPhoto/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky)

this is the first life in space and the first space victim. All those who aspire to space should regard Leica as a former sage.


Slag works have made me miserable!

on December 1, 1960, one of Leica's backup dogs finally had a chance to go up to heaven. It is estimated that he would never have thought that he died not in space or in a crash, but. was blown up by his own people.

the spaceship failed while returning to Earth. In order to prevent other countries from stealing scientific and technological achievements, the Soviet Union had no choice but to activate the self-destruct device .

on December 22, 1960, the rocket dropped the chain again! Two dogs fell from high above 200km into the Siberian wilderness far from the launch site 3500km.

Fortunately, they encountered the Soviet Union's "shoddy project": the rocket broke down, the ejection system broke down, and even the primary self-destruct system broke down. Fortunately, the two dogs were not ejected, otherwise they would have been killed. it was the Siberian wilderness in December, with temperatures of more than 40 degrees below zero.

there is only so much room for dogs. The "Queen" on the left and the "Little Beauty" on the right

after nearly three days of search, the capsule was found on Christmas Eve-the night of December 24. However, it was too dark to open the cabin, and no life signs were detected, so everyone thought that they must have died for their country .

then finish work and go home and open the cabin tomorrow.

the next morning, on Christmas Day, as the cabin opened, people heard dogs barking ! Although the other animals accompanying him have died, the two babies (after rescue) have survived! One of them was adopted by Soviet experts and spent 14 years together.

answer an old saying: there must be blessings if one survives a great disaster.


it's finally God's turn for human beings to go to heaven!

Little Star, a puppy named by Yuri Gagarin, went up in March 1961. A month later, Gagarin became the first human to go into space. Gagarin once joked: "am I the first person to go into outer space? Or the last dog? "

Yuri Gagarin appears on the cover of time magazine

according to statistics, apart from humans, a total of 186 species of animals have been to space. On the thorny road of space, they explore and move forward for us. Some of them are dedicated to science, some are famous, and they are all pioneers of the universe.

We should remember these pioneers, and it is because of them that mankind is able to go into space and embark on a new journey with minimal cost.

Thank you for your hard work, Belka and Stryker!