Have you ever played with a ball that will snap when it collides?
Have you ever played with a ball that will snap when it collides?
Small chemical toys

the previous paragraph talked about the aluminothermic reaction caused by impact. At that time, it was commented that when I was a child, I played with a kind of toy ball that was coated on the outside and would snap together. Today, let's talk about this kind of small toy.

I'm not sure the exact Chinese name of this thing, but the English name is "Hand Blasters". It doesn't feel special to bump into each other, but when the two balls hit strong enough, people will hear a pretty loud sound:

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it is said that the toy is a ceramic ball inside. The thin coating on the outside contains potassium chlorate, sulfur, glass powder and adhesive. When the energy of the impact is strong enough, a local chemical reaction is triggered, which also leads to a strong sound. Reaction:

along with the impact, you can also smell some "sulfur smell". The coating on a pair of small balls can produce hundreds of such impacts.

now I don't know if there are any such toys on the market, and I didn't play with them when I was a child. Because the scale of the reaction is small, generally speaking, it is not very risky, but we should also pay attention to safety and keep away from the face and ears when playing. It's also interesting to learn chemistry from toys.

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