Have a chemical latte! What molecules do you want to drink?
Have a chemical latte! What molecules do you want to drink?
Coffee pull flower also needs to play some science ~

recently, the national meeting of the American Chemical Society was held in San Francisco. In addition to serious academic discussions, there are also many interesting exhibitions-for example, provide participants with a latte on a chemistry theme.

this is a coffee booth provided by Chemical and Chemical News (a weekly chemical information magazine published by the American Chemical Society). Here, there are special personnel to provide a variety of coffee pull services.

can draw all kinds of molecular structures for people's coffee:

or element:

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(this is element 98 californium, which has the highest mass of elements produced by nature, and all elements heavier than californium can be produced by artificial synthesis)

and ACS's self-created goggled meme chemoji:

finally, the famous network meme "Chemical Cat" Let's take a look at the production process:


do you want to drink any molecules?

Source: http://acsmeetings.cenmag.org/photos-of-the-day-from-acssanfran-sunday/

PS: if you also want to use the Chemical Party emoji package chemoji, you can find a full set of pictures on this link: http://cen.acs.org/acs-chemoji.html

and PS: read the original text to learn more about the science behind the coffee flower.