Hardcore AI:24 hour non-stop death metal live broadcast
Hardcore AI:24 hour non-stop death metal live broadcast
After listening to me all morning, I said that starfish...

this is a very hard-core "musician": ta is broadcasting live on the oil pipe, delivering a steady stream of fresh death metal music to the audience. Moreover, the live broadcast is 24 hours a day and has been on the air since March 24, 2019.

of course, this is not a real band. ), behind this account named "DADABOTS" is actually an AI, or rather a recurrent neural network (RNN). It learns the style characteristics of various music genres according to the music clips that people enter, and then generates more similar styles of music. CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski created DADABOTS and asked it to learn to generate various types of music.

the details of the music are not that real, the vocal part may actually be some twisted gibberish (but it can't be heard clearly anyway), and there is no human breath, and the guitar riff sometimes has unreasonable speed. But at first glance, they do sound like that-especially for an amateur audience like me.

before the live broadcast, Dadabots also released a digital version of the album, in which the music generated by AI can be downloaded for free. Here is a song from the digital album for everyone to feel. Song title: Protected by Eternal Life (protected by Eternal Life? ).

the title of the whole album is actually a little unclear, but there seems to be nothing wrong with the painting style:

AI won't really replace the metal band on the stage, but it's really interesting, and it should also attract more attention for the AI, which is learning to generate music.

there are comments that the fact that AI makes endless death metal is very metallic in itself:

another funny comment is that when Skynet develops self-awareness and destroys humans, all speakers and headphones on earth will play this with a volume that breaks the eardrum.

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if you need some special homework to use BGM, you can listen to this live broadcast. I just think it's really funny.