Hard core toys: metal mercury maze
Hard core toys: metal mercury maze
Today is also the time to introduce toys.

Today is also the time to introduce toys. I happen to have seen a lot of relevant motion pictures and videos recently, and I think they are all very interesting.

this is a maze toy from the 1970s called "Quicksilver". This kind of maze toy sealed in a plastic shell is also common today, but the difference is that it is not a small metal ball rolling in it, and the silver metal mercury droplets.

(photo source: artsandculture.google.com. Mercury beads are at the bottom)

liquid mercury has a high surface tension, so it contracts spontaneously into a round shape in the maze, does not attach to the plastic shell of the toy, and has a flowing texture. From the video, the effect is actually quite good, but when the shell is damaged, the leaked mercury has safety problems after all, not to mention that it is directly exposed to children, so this magical toy has long been discontinued. Existing collectibles sometimes appear at online auctions.

here is a video:

(Source: Keith Fulkerson)

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