Half a pan of fried eggs, tell you how the induction cooker works.
Half a pan of fried eggs, tell you how the induction cooker works.
It is not the stove that is hot, but the pot.

is it sick to fry eggs in a pan that is half cut off? In fact, this is a demonstration of how the induction cooker works.

unlike traditional stoves, induction cookers do not cook food by heating themselves. it adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction and then allows the pot to heat itself.

after opening, the induction cooker will produce a constantly changing magnetic field, and the change of the magnetic field will lead to the induction eddy current on the pot, which will be heated under the action of the eddy current and the internal resistance of the pot. In addition, the "hysteresis loss" effect also helps to heat pots: an AC magnetic field can cause energy loss and turn into heat when it constantly changes the direction of the magnetic poles of the metal.

obviously, this principle will not have the same effect on all materials. Generally, the pots used in induction cookers are made of ferromagnetic materials (stainless steel, etc.). This kind of pot has the best heating effect under the action of magnetic field change. On the other hand, non-conductors such as air, protein and ceramics have high impedance, and they are difficult to be heated by induction cookers. We can also see that the eggs that hit directly on the stove are still raw, but the part that comes into contact with the hot pot is quickly cooked.

for this reason, induction cookers also have some safety advantages-they are less likely to cause burns than gas stoves.

next, let's take a look at the full version of the video:

in addition to eggs, it also shows bacon, water and chocolate. you can see that when half of the chocolate on the pot melts, the half of the pot remains intact.

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at the beginning of the video, a refrigerator magnet is sucked on the pot, which shows that it is made of ferromagnetic material.

in the video, the presenter also puts his hand on the induction cooker, and the bacon creaks in the next half of the pot, but there is nothing wrong with the hand on the stove. However, having said that, it is not recommended that everyone reach out and touch it. After all, the induction cooker will get hot under the action of the pot, so be careful not to burn.

Video from: Yuppiechef.com

PS: if you want to know more about the safety of induction cookers, you can read the original article.