Guess what this helmet is for.
Guess what this helmet is for.
I never thought of Tong Dawei's. (escape)

Let's guess what this cool helmet of deep ♂ dark ♂ fantasy is for.

in fact, this is a wearable brain scanning device (Meg, to be exact), and the related paper has just been published in Nature.

Meg is a kind of imaging technique to detect the neural activity of the brain. it detects the changes of magnetic field produced in the neuroelectrical activity. This technology has been used in both medical and scientific research, but it also has obvious defects: the current Meg equipment is quite large, the subject must remain static during the test, and the size of the instrument is fixed. This means that the scope of its use will be limited: for example, it will be difficult to test for very young babies or patients who do not have good control of their physical movements (in fact, MRI tests will encounter similar problems).

the commonly used large Meg equipment goes like this:

and this helmet is designed to solve the above problems. It uses a sensor that is small and sensitive enough to sense the magnetic field, and at the same time uses 3D printing to make a helmet that fits the individual's head. In this way, the Meg scanning device becomes wearable, and even if you wear it for some daily actions (such as raising a glass to drink water), the brain scan can be carried out smoothly, and the final effect is almost the same as that of a traditional large instrument. In this way, the scope of application of Meg detection becomes much wider.

have a glass of water:

it's okay to bounce ping-pong balls:

however, this set of equipment can not be used everywhere. In order to accurately detect the weak magnetic field in the head, the subjects must stay in a small room that counteracts the interference of the earth's magnetic field (you may have noticed that electromagnetic coils are installed on both sides of the background), although they can move freely, but the range is still very small. And the sensors used by headsets are expensive. What we see in the picture is just scanning for a small area. If you want to scan a large area, you will need a large number of sensors. At present, it is still very expensive.

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I hope that with the development of technology, all these problems can be solved (then I may want a black version of _ (: black "∠) _).


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