Google Earth can catch God and steal Carmen!
Google Earth can catch God and steal Carmen!
Childhood memories _ (: childhood "∠) _

Today, we broadcast two pieces of science and technology news that do not seem to be very high-tech news _ (: technical "∠) _

1. Google Earth can catch God and steal Carmen!

of course, it's not Pok Meng's grasp. In fact, it was GoogleEarth who launched a linkage page called "Where On GoogleEarth Is Carmen Sandiego":

when I saw the news this morning, I let out a scream in my heart, and at the same time I began to feel that I might be old.

people on the Chinese side who know about Carmen stealing Carmen are probably mainly through the animated version played by the Little Dragon Club. But in the early days, it was actually a series of puzzles and interactive TV programs designed to help children understand geography. In the game, players have to use a variety of clues to find out where the beautiful red thief may appear next.

and the Google Earth version also restores the style and play of the PC game, allowing you to visit landmarks around the world and talk to locals for clues. If you want to miss your childhood, you can check out →

2.. Britain launched Hawking commemorative coin

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A year ago, the popular physicist Stephen. Hawking passed away. Now the Royal Mint has cast his name on a commemorative coin of fifty pence.

this commemorative coin has the line pattern representing the black hole as the background, and it also has the Beckenstein-Hawking equation used to express the entropy of the black hole.

this is a fifty pence coin, but you'll have to pay ten pounds for it if you want to order it from the Royal Mint. Related link →

(I don't know much about the commemorative coin market, is this cheap or expensive? But the design is quite good-looking _ (: beautiful "∠) _)