God's idea: use air pollution to make ink!
God's idea: use air pollution to make ink!
A very interesting idea, um.

an interesting thing recently. A guy named Anirudh Sharma at MIT Media Lab came up with a strange idea and put it into practice: using air pollutants to make ink.

this sounds ridiculous, but it actually works. This is because a common choice for coloring black ink is carbon black, or tiny carbon particles, which are also found in air pollutants, such as car exhaust.

this guy is an Indian, and he was inspired by the air pollution in his hometown. He first made a gadget and tried to collect carbon particles from the candle smoke and add oil (oil only, I don't know the exact composition) and alcohol to make ink. After trying, it is found that the ink can really achieve a similar effect with conventional products.

now, he and his partner Graviky Labs are raising money on kickstarter (well, this magical platform with everything again), hoping that more people will support their plan to collect exhaust gas to make ink. They named their product AIR-INK.

the products currently available are marker pens of different sizes and black ink _ (: marker "∠) _

the steps for making ink are as follows:

first install a device they call KAALINK on the exhaust pipe of the motor vehicle to collect carbon black, which is said to take 45 minutes to produce 1 ounce of ink (which can be used to fill a pen). Next, we need to purify the collected carbon particles and remove bad things such as heavy metals and carcinogens, so that we can get pure carbon particles. These carbon particles will then be used to produce black ink like ordinary carbon black.

this is the carbon black collected:

the process of making ink:

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feels that the efficiency and output are probably still very low, and the cost must be higher than ordinary black ink. But I am convinced of this idea.

from the publicity photos, this ink looks good

black ink from car exhaust. Would you want it?

this is their page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1295587226/air-ink-the-worlds-first-ink-made-out-of-air-pollu?token=05d1ee72