Go to the kitchen today ~ make a gravitational wave cookie
Go to the kitchen today ~ make a gravitational wave cookie
There's something going on this time.

I have previously introduced the physics theme cookies on the popular particle physics website symmetry magazine, and a friend asked if there were any tutorials, but there was no such thing on the original website. _ (: chocolate "∠)

but it doesn't matter. Today I'm going to try making gravitational wave cookies and tell you what I've done. First, let's take a look at the original:

it is said that two dark chocolate beans represent black holes orbiting each other, and colored spirals are used to represent ripple gravitational waves that distort space-time. Read more: gravitational waves, dark matter all eat! Physics Christmas cookies

here are my achievements:

does it look all right?

I don't use chocolate beans here (originally, but cookies are too big compared to small chocolate beans. The "black hole" above is also made of biscuit dough. This cookie doesn't need molds or frosting, so it won't be too troublesome to make.

here's what I do:


low gluten flour 120g

butter 60g

egg liquid 18g

Vanilla extract a few drops (can be omitted)

first knead the dough. The method I take is to mix the flour and powdered sugar and then add butter to knead it evenly, which is loose and granular. Then slowly add a small amount of egg liquid (less than one egg is needed here) and knead well. A few drops of vanilla can be added to the dough. I think this dough can be softened a little, but it will be sticky if it is too thin.

the kneaded dough can be divided into three parts, each mixed with 1 to 2 drops of food pigment (yellow, green and turquoise respectively)

(if there is no pigment, you can try to adjust green with matcha powder, match the beige of biscuit background, but not so bright)

three pieces of dough can be rolled out into rectangular patches of about the same size (at this time, thicker ones can not be picked up) and superimposed together. Roll out a little thinner, then roll it up from one end and roll it into a nearly cylindrical shape.

(I'm sorry I didn't take a picture here)

the rolled biscuit embryos are frozen in the freezer for 1 hour. Take out the slice. We get the "ripple" part:

(this is actually not quite the same as the gravitational wave diagram around a double black hole, but it will be more feasible to make it.)

after cutting, there will be some leftovers with ugly patterns at both ends, and this part will not be wasted! Add a small amount of cocoa to this part of the dough to reach the desired color, and then use it to add a black hole to the ripples.

just pull off a little bit, divide it into two halves, knead it into small balls, and press it in the right place.

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next, bake it in the oven. In order to avoid affecting the color, the baking temperature should not be too high. Bake slowly at 140-150 ℃ for 20 minutes.

finish ~