Give you a little flower! It grows on the colon...
Give you a little flower! It grows on the colon...
Unexpectedly, I still think it looks pretty _ (: wow "∠) _

sometimes interesting-looking structures appear on stained sections of human tissue, such as this blossoming "floret" in the picture.

(photo source: Ziad El-Zaatari. After dyeing and color enhancement treatment)

this is actually a normal structure from the human colon. There are many "crypt" structures on the colonic mucosa. if you look at them as a whole, they are sunken tubular structures, while if you look at the cross section, they are more like "florets". The light-colored petals are made up of goblet cells, which secrete mucus into the intestines.

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other similar tissue sections:

(photo source: mayoclinic)

(photo source:

recently I saw on Twitter that someone called this structure "colondaisy" and even compared the pictures of real flowers. Although it does look like a flower, the name still feels like a mystery

. Photo Source:

(unexpectedly, there is no conflict with... Photo Source:

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