Get rid of the attackers! To feel the fighting power of meat bugs.
Get rid of the attackers! To feel the fighting power of meat bugs.
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(a video that is very unsuitable for worms, but it is still very interesting. )

soft meat bugs seem to be weak and may be eaten by birds or other predators at any time. But this is not always the case, and the larvae can throw away the predators who come up to them in one fell swoop.

the big green bug we see in the video is the 5th instar larva of Langia zenzeroides, and it is attacked by Calosoma maximowiczi, which preys on many kinds of larvae.

in the face of the attacker, the larvae showed fierce resistance. For example, they will swing their bodies and quickly throw their heads at the part of the body where they are being attacked. The larvae even bite the beetles and throw them into the air. At the same time, the larvae also make sounds to frighten predators, sometimes spitting out some liquid (which may be a chemical defense).

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previous studies have found that Spodoptera litura larvae react this way to birds, and the new study shows their defense against invertebrate predators. These defenses seemed to be quite effective, and none of the 25 beetles in the experiment succeeded in killing the larvae.