Foodie knowledge: a little knowledge about popcorn
Foodie knowledge: a little knowledge about popcorn
How did corn turn into popcorn?

when watching movies and TV, crispy popcorn can make your mouth no longer lonely. Today, let's talk about a few little things about popcorn.

1. Perfect popcorn, not all kinds of corn

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in the past, you may have seen the kind of "Chinese popcorn" on the street, which was heated in a sealed jar, reached high temperature and high pressure, and then popped into popcorn when you opened the container. Now the "Western-style popcorn" sold in cinemas can be made without such harsh conditions. Heating it in an open pot or turning it around in the microwave oven is enough to form very beautiful popcorn.

Why is there such a difference? The answer is that the popcorn now uses a special corn kernels. They are smaller than ordinary corn kernels, their skins are harder and their seals are better. Small, it is easier to be fully heated, and the corn kernels themselves are well sealed, so there is no need for additional requirements for the sealing of the container. This kind of special corn kernels can usually expand by 40 to 50 times, and the resulting popcorn is more beautiful.

A comparison of all kinds of corn:

on the left is conventional corn, in the middle is tender and sweet fruit corn, and on the right is popcorn

the critical temperature for turning popcorn kernels into popcorn mentioned above is about 180 ℃.

during heating, the moisture inside the corn kernels will gelatinize the starch and form a "batter" with the protein. At the same time, the moisture will gradually vaporize, forming high pressure inside the well-sealed skin. At a critical temperature of about 180 ℃, the skin cannot support the internal high pressure, and the corn kernels will crack and make the batter foamy.

3. The sound of popping corn kernels is almost like opening champagne even if it is not the loud sound of Chinese popcorn, it will make a sound when it pops. The sound comes from the moment of a gush of water vapor, which is similar in principle to the bang when champagne is opened. The cracking of corn kernels is not the source of sound. (PS: this is the conclusion of a study. Yes, there are real people doing research... The critical temperature above is also measured by them)

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