Flame color reaction: sugar cube version
Flame color reaction: sugar cube version
The laboratory is filled with fragrance (

UncleBob, a chemistry teacher on Twitter, shared a new way to do the flame reaction. This version is made of cube sugar:

(recorder: @ UncleBo80053383)

the above picture shows the flame reaction of copper salt, dissolving copper chloride droplets with ethanol and igniting on the cube sugar, and then observing the turquoise flame.

after seeing this video, I also tried to do a flame reaction with cubes of sugar. Here is a version of a lithium salt I made, which dissolved lithium chloride (yes, really soluble) in 95% ethanol and then dripped onto a cube sugar to ignite.

Lithium chloride does work well, but there are many salts that have poor solubility in alcohols (such as copper sulfate is completely insoluble). In the case of poor dissolution, it can only be dissolved in a small amount of water and then mixed with ethanol. Take potassium chloride as an example, the original blogger gave the preparation method: dissolve 0.25 g of potassium chloride in 0.5ml water, and then add 9.5ml ethanol.

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the main fun of this version is that the smell is very good, and the laboratory is filled with the smell of caramel. After burning to a certain extent, there will also be a "black snake reaction" on the cube sugar (the reaction often referred to as Pharaoh Zhixiang), leaving a pile of fluffy carbonized products.

you can try it if possible, but pay attention to fire prevention and avoid burns. I think the more convenient way to extinguish the burning sugar cube is to cover the container with a surface dish to isolate the oxygen, leave it for a while and then open it.