Effervescent tablets Rocket: candy Box Mini version
Effervescent tablets Rocket: candy Box Mini version
Smaller version, the effect is also very good ~

I have previously introduced an effervescent tablets small rocket made from a sports cap beverage bottle. After I sent it, I tried it myself, but I don't know if it was because the lid of the beverage bottle I used was loose and the test results were always not good. Effervescent tablets is very difficult to push the bottle to fly.

Today, let's introduce another kind of effervescent tablets rocket. I have tried and found that the effect is quite good, and it is easier to succeed. Because the "rocket" is relatively small, it is relatively easy to clean up.

first of all, my test results:

this time the Rocket was made using a plastic tube-shaped chocolate bean box (as shown below, it is sold in the supermarket. I think it should be all right as long as the size and shape of other brands). The first step is to cut off the connection of the lid so that the lid is separated from the tube.

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next prepare effervescent tablets. To make the reaction happen faster, I use pliers to clip the effervescent tablets into small pieces (effervescent tablets is hard and the hand is not easy to break). Next, paste a piece of double-sided glue on the inside of the lid of the cut candy box and paste effervescent tablets pieces on it. Make sure the effervescent tablets is fastened to the lid.

then add a small amount of water to the tube sugar box (one tablespoon is about enough). Close the lid with effervescent tablets glued. At this time, the water and effervescent tablets are not in contact, so the reaction will not begin and can be prepared calmly.

next, quickly turn the sugar box upside down and wait one meter back. It won't be long before you can see that the generated carbon dioxide drives the rocket to lift off. For fun, you can also make some simple decorations for sugar boxes:

A more traditional version of this experiment is made of film boxes, but now most people probably can't find film boxes in their homes. So the sugar box should be the most convenient choice. The "small rocket" is not very powerful (it can fly less than half a meter high). It can play with children and wear goggles just to be on the safe side.

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