Eat gravitational waves and dark matter! Physics Christmas cookies
Eat gravitational waves and dark matter! Physics Christmas cookies
Some physics cookies.

what I saw on symmetry magazine today is my previous particle physics website: recommended: add some cute pictures and brains, and particle physics is also so cute.

several physics-themed Christmas cookies are also included in this year's hot gravitational waves

gravitational waves

neutrino cookies

there are three different types of neutrinos, which are called different "flavors". Different colors of frosting here represent different "tastes". The website also says that cookies can be rotated to represent "neutrino oscillations"-the phenomenon that neutrinos change from one type to another as they propagate in space. (the discoverer of this phenomenon won the Nobel Prize for physicists in 2015, see this link for more information:

in order to gain a better understanding of the particles and the laws of physics that make up the world, scientists have built various colliders and particle detection devices, which are made with reference to LHC's particle detector. These detectors surround the collision point and are responsible for detecting a variety of possible new particle signals.

the physical object is like this:

"Penguin Picture" cookies

Penguin diagram is a kind of Feynman diagram, which uses a straight line curve to represent the interaction and change of particles.

the origin of the penguin chart is interesting. In 1977, theoretical physicist John Ellis lost a bet in a bar and was asked to use the word "penguin" in his next paper. As a result, he creatively turned the Feynman diagram, which describes the transformation between two quarks with the same charge and different taste, into a penguin shape and named it "Penguin Map".

Universe Biscuit

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A cookie inspired by the universe! But it doesn't add a dreamy nebula like many decorative paintings.

the design idea goes like this:

most of the cookies (73%) are made up of black things (with Oreo cookie fragments), which represents dark energy. Physicists attribute the accelerated expansion of the universe to dark energy, but we know very little about it.

there are 23% glitter decorated candy left, which represents dark matter. The last 4% is a little mint, representing the part of matter we are familiar with in the universe.

the picture comes from: there are a lot of interesting things on

. If you are interested, you can have a look.