Draw a match man and wash away ta!
Draw a match man and wash away ta!
A simple Mini Game! (with explanation of practice and principle, attention to hyperactivity map)

A small experiment that is easy to do and fun (does it count as an experiment? ) ~ first launched in the fruit shell net.

draw a small match man on the table, then pour water, the match man moved!

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this video appeared on Youtube some time ago and attracted the attention of many netizens. Someone commented doubtfully: isn't this the PS effect? Actually, it's not. As long as you have a whiteboard pen, a smooth surface and some water, you can make match people float on the water!

tools and materials:

whiteboard pen (black is fine, other colors can also be added)

oily marker (not necessary, but can be compared. Add more play ~)

(the whiteboard pen and marker I use)

one of the easiest ways to play is, as in the original video, draw matches and other patterns with a whiteboard pen on a smooth surface such as a porcelain plate (if it is not clear enough, you can trace it several times more), wait a moment, wait for the handwriting to dry, pour water into the plate.

if all goes well, you can see the villains originally posted on the plate being washed up by the current and floating around on the water:

with a whiteboard pen, you can draw all kinds of patterns that can be washed away by water, and the addition of oily markers can also create richer effects. Unlike whiteboard pens that are easy to erase, the handwriting of oily markers is strong enough on a smooth surface that it is difficult to wash off only with water. Therefore, you can use an oily marker to draw the background and patterns that you don't want to be washed away, and then add the whiteboard pen to it.

you are free to be creative, and with fixed and washable parts, you can produce a lot of interesting effects. Video blogger Steve Mould, for example, shows the villain being sucked away by a flying saucer:

while I filmed two more malicious demonstrations. Well, I really hate it. )

the rest is left to everyone to play freely.

so, why is the whiteboard pen so magical? This can be explained in two parts: first, why the handwriting is washed away by the water; second, why it is still a complete villain after being washed away.

the handwriting of the whiteboard pen can be washed away by water or easily erased, which is related to its special ink formula. The average writing pen will want the handwriting to be as firm and lasting as possible, but the whiteboard pen is different. It deliberately adds something to the ink that reduces adhesion-stripping agent (release agent). Exfoliants are "oily" substances, such as liquid paraffins, or esters. These stripping agents are dissolved with other additives in the solvent (usually volatile alcohols such as ethanol) to form a uniform ink. When the ink is written on the surface, as the solvent evaporates, these oil stripping agents can act as a barrier between the colored handwriting and the writing surface, preventing the handwriting from being closely bound to the surface. As a result, the handwriting is easy to fall off when it is washed or wiped. Unlike whiteboard pens, oily markers are expected to have longer-lasting handwriting, so the ink will use a more adhesive formula and will not add stripping agents, so it will not be easily erased or washed off.

(after washing off the villain, you can still see some traces of exfoliant, which feels oily)

so why does the handwriting of the washed whiteboard still look intact? This is related to the film-forming resin in the ink. Film-forming resin components such as polyvinyl butyral will be added to the whiteboard ink, which can help the pigment to disperse evenly, adjust the ink viscosity and form a film after the handwriting is dry. After adding water, we will see that the film is washed up.

it is not difficult to flush the whiteboard villain with water, but it is not always successful. My personal experience is as follows:

the adhesion of whiteboard handwriting is indeed weak, but it is not without it at all, so it also needs water to provide a little impact to wash it down. Pouring water too gently may fail, but if the current is too strong, it will break the film formed by handwriting. Please try more specifically.

I tried the dinner plate, ceramic baking plate and aluminum foil, of which the plate works best, and the villains on the baking plate are more likely not to rush down, probably because the enamel on this baking pan is not smooth enough.

too complex patterns can also make it difficult to flush out completely.

the ink of these pens is low toxic, but you still need to wash the plate carefully after playing (aluminum foil can be used if you are too lazy to wash). The most effective way to remove oily markers is organic solvents. I usually use cotton swabs to dip in a little nail polish remover (including acetone), then wash them, or wipe them with alcohol. If you don't have the right solvent, you can scrub it hard, but it takes a little effort.