Doodle on the textbook all day. Dare you draw one on the examination paper?
Doodle on the textbook all day. Dare you draw one on the examination paper?
The series of excellent arts and daring people

Let's share some leisure content today.

have you ever drawn a picture on a textbook or note? Everyone who is distracted in class may have done this. For students who are more skilled and daring, perhaps the examination paper is the most suitable place to show their artistic talent. Recently, I saw a popular tweet on Twitter, which shared a lot of graffiti stories.

it started with Kaitlyn Kearns, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Kentucky. She posted several pictures of marine life painted on the class test paper, with a lovely style and a cuter reply from the professor.

first I drew a fish, and the professor replied, "is this a whale?"

so Kaitlyn Kearns says: no, but this time it is.

the teacher happily praised these lovely graffiti: wow, how wonderful!

after this tweet went viral, many netizens shared their examination paper graffiti in the comments.

drew a piece of pizza, was praised by the teacher, "you are good at art"

may be a bit of a collapse in the exam, draw a dinosaur to eat the matrix (

although did not answer the question, but for drawing a lovely mouse and was added 0.25 points.

(PS: this topic is to write out the two main components of telomerase and describe their functions. One of the few contributions that reveal the full examination questions. )

while the Mexican blunt salamander (right? ) it seems that the treatment is better than that of mice, and it is added 0.5 points. Of course, sometimes a lovely cat is drawn, but 5 points are deducted by the teacher.

(the reason for the deduction written by the teacher is "vertebrate", because this course is invertebrate zoology _ (: vertebrate "∠) _)

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sometimes, the lovely teacher even adds a few more graffiti to the students' examination papers:

of course. Personally, I think the most powerful thing is the following I have seen before: Josh Neufeld, a professor of microbial ecology, wrote "draw me a picture if you have finished it" directly on the examination paper. And one of his students really painted him a really handsome graffiti: a water bear with antlers and a Christmas sleigh.

of course, if you haven't finished the problem carefully and checked the answer, it's better not to pretend B in front of the teacher. After all, learning is the most important

original tweet: