Don't blow bubbles into your drink bottle when you are in space!
Don't blow bubbles into your drink bottle when you are in space!
Space is a suitable place for physical experiments and demonstrations, but some demonstrations are really mysterious.

Space is a good place to demonstrate physical experiments, because here we can eliminate a factor that is always important on the ground: gravity. In life, all kinds of objects are always dominated by the earth's gravity, while in the microgravity environment, other gravity-independent effects (such as surface tension) become very obvious.

the astronauts show you all kinds of small experiments in space, and the painting style of some of these demonstrations is really a bit mysterious. Today, we will see a piece of advice from astronaut Jack Fischer: don't blow bubbles into your drink bottle in space!

maybe you'll have a little fun on earth playing with your drink, watching a string of bubbles come up from under the water. But in space, things are completely different. Buoyancy depends on gravity, so it "fails" in a microgravity environment. The bubbles that blow into the drink stay in the middle of the liquid for a long time and will not run out, and the drink that is agglomerated by the surface tension pastes the astronaut's face along the straw. Earlier, a friend on Weibo asked what to do with the liquid when making such a demonstration, and whether it would float around in the cabin. Generally speaking, as long as you can suck it up with a towel or paper in time, you will be fine. The towel absorbs water using capillarity, which is related to the interaction between the solid-liquid interface, which is independent of gravity and is equally useful in space.

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