Does swallowing a whole bag of corn kernels before death make people burst popcorn?
Does swallowing a whole bag of corn kernels before death make people burst popcorn?
Today is the time for bad jokes.

recently, I saw this joke in the picture spread on Weibo:

Dress and appear sumptuous in our fashionable petite evening dresses with sleeves. Our full range has all figures catered.

first of all, I have to say that I actually like this joke very much. When I see it, a very powerful picture immediately appears in my mind. But of course, swallowing corn kernels doesn't achieve the kind of scene we imagined.

here we can first review the basics of popcorn. Popcorn is made from a special variety of corn, which has a very strong seed coat and good sealing. When heated, a small amount of water in the corn kernels turns into steam, and eventually the high-pressure steam breaks the seed coat, and the corn kernels turn into popcorn.

temperature and water content are the key factors for popcorn to burst. The critical temperature for corn kernels to burst is about 180 ℃, at which most popcorn kernels can burst smoothly. For popcorn kernels, the best water content is about 14%, which can have a negative effect if the water content is too high or too low. (in addition, the speed of heating will also have an impact, because the seed coat of the corn kernels is not completely sealed, and if you preheat it slowly, it will cause the water vapor inside the kernels to slowly leak out, unable to reach enough pressure. It's just that it doesn't usually heat up so slowly)

Let's take a look at the scene mentioned in the bad jokes. In fact, it is bad for popcorn in terms of temperature and water content. First of all, the temperature of cremation is very high. The statement I have found is about 870 ℃, and the bodies have been incinerated, so there is no reason why the popcorn should not be incinerated. (medical examiner Qin Ming: or you ask for microwave cremation). Second, damp corn kernels can also affect the popcorn burst, while people's digestive tract is full of wet environment (the exact impact is not known).

to sum up, for people who die with such a punk idea, the popcorn in ta's belly may not explode smoothly, and it will be burnt to ashes no matter whether it explodes or not.

what am I talking about today?