Do you watch cat movies? The kind taken by the cat itself.
Do you watch cat movies? The kind taken by the cat itself.

Note: this video is very dizzy.

(video source: Science)

here are some video clips of the "first cat name" from a recently published paper on Applied Animal Behaviour Science. The researchers fixed lightweight small cameras around the necks of several domestic cats (the device weighed only 32g), and then filmed a number of videos as they moved freely. From it, we can see how cats interact with other people of the same kind, how to make predation behavior and so on.

Let the cat run around with the camera in order to analyze the cat's natural behavior pattern. You may have heard that when domestic cats move freely outdoors, they will have some negative effects on the wild animals around them, and in order to reduce the impact of cats on the ecological environment, we need to first understand how they behave outdoors. In addition, studying the behavior of cats can also understand how they interact with their own kind or with humans.

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then why do you have to put a camera on the cat itself and analyze the videos that make people have a headache? On the one hand, the monitoring methods used in the past, such as fixed cameras and radio tags, are more or less limited; on the other hand, if humans go up directly to observe, it will also strongly affect the behavior patterns of domestic cats, unable to see what they really look like.

the research here mainly verifies the feasibility of this research method, and provides some suggestions for other researchers to record and analyze videos, but does not give definite conclusions about cat behavior. The researchers believe that this method can be used as a reliable alternative to traditional observation, but not all domestic cats can become subjects. Of the 21 cats selected by the researchers, 5 felt strongly uncomfortable with wearing cameras. This situation has to be ruled out.

PS: a lovely thing is that in the thank you section, the author thanked the cats for their "patient data collection" (patient data collection).