Discoloration cooking! Two ways to play anthocyanin
Discoloration cooking! Two ways to play anthocyanin
Good-looking or dark, it depends on your choice.

the acid-base discoloration of anthocyanin should be familiar to everyone. Recently, we have seen some ideas of using it to do discoloration cuisine. Today, let's share two

the first one is more beautiful: discoloration cocktail

(picture from: Bethany Halford)

the cocktail in the picture above is the addition of some butterfly bean bubble water on the top, and on the right is the effect of adding Lemon Juice to the cocktail. You can see it turned into a beautiful pink purple.

the flowers of butterfly beans are very beautiful blue. People often use them to make discolored herbal tea drinks, which turn pink and purple when acid is added.

there is also a kind of blue rice in Malay food, which is dyed with butterfly beans, called Nasi kerabu:

other ingredients rich in anthocyanins can also be tried, such as purple cabbage juice or black wolfberry soaked in water (although I don't think black wolfberry has any special health effects, soaking in water is really good-looking). Then use lemon juice to discolor the drink.

the second one is darker: green fried eggs

this color. Can I not forgive it?

(Picture from: instructables.com)

adding green vegetable juice directly is also green, but this green fried egg is actually made of purple cabbage. The method is as follows:

① separates egg yolk from egg white

② chopped purple cabbage and boiled in water to get anthocyanin-rich purple cabbage water (which can also be directly squeezed and filtered)

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③ add a small amount of purple cabbage water to the egg white (remember to cool and add it), stir, you will see the egg white turn blue-green (because the egg white is slightly alkaline)

④ pour into the green egg white in a hot pot. Then add the fried yolk and get ready to enjoy the green fried eggs.

discoloration process of egg whites:

(producer: MEL Science)

there is no problem with the taste and eatability of green fried eggs, but as you can see, color has a great influence on the experience of eating food.

if you want a beautiful discoloration drink or dark food, it depends on your choice.

finally, put the purple cabbage discoloration table made by Compound Interest: